Buckyís Tools

I love hand tools, especially old ones that have great aesthetic beauty. Iím truly amazed at some of the artistry displayed by long ago craftsmen that made their own tools. They must have taken great pride in their work to invest the considerable time it must have taken to build and embellish their tools. I like to think they did it as an expression of their skills and their "eye" for something beautiful. It seems that until recently the idea of a manufacturing a hand tool that is also a thing of beauty (or just a hand tool at all) was an anachronism. Thankfully there has been a renewed interest in hand tools in the last few years. With this renewed interest come many new (and old) makers of fine hand tools.

Since most of the antique tools that I admire are unavailable or out of my means (or often just donít exist) Iíve begun making them for myself. Iíve found that it is an extremely enjoyable and challenging hobby. I hope you enjoy looking at some of my projects.



      Mitre Plane 

     Damascus Mitre Plane




        Spoke Shaves & Scrapers




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If you have any questions and my address is: BucknerB@mail.co.leon.fl.us