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Welcome to my web page.  Among other things it offers a fairly extensive list of user and collector-grade woodworking and machinist's hand tools.  My interest in woodworking has been long standing, since first buying a new Stanley jack plane in 1965.  That interest intensified over the last fifteen years, and for the last ten I've haunted flea markets and auctions, buying far more tools than I can use.  But the history of these items fascinates me, and the enjoyment of finding a tool, and then learning as much about it as possible, is ever consuming.  My collector instincts are directed to finding hand saws with local (southeastern Massachusetts) hardware store marks, and 19th century patented American braces.  The other tools are offered here with the hopes that they will find better homes than the ones to which they were destined, did I not purchase them.  Having served at the New Bedford Whaling Museum as a volunteer for the past six years, I've developed a profound interest in nautical antiques, and so have expanded this website in that direction, including a listing of these items.

Also included in this site are links to some of my hobbies, that include woodworking, my Maine woods camp,  my brace collection, and links to other sites that I particularly enjoy and recommend.  I've recently added a new page dealing with my work at the New Bedford Whaling Museum.  This consists of articles on the history of certain aspects of whaling and New Bedford, and the hand tool collection in the museum.  I hope that you enjoy your visit!

Tools For Sale

A Trip to New Zealand, 2007

Maine Camp

Brace Collection

The Galoot "Stealth" Cap

Favorite Links

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