Item L9 - H. M. Pool (Easton, MA) Mahogany Plumb & Level. 

In the current issue of Fine Tool Journal, Jim Gehring credits the partnership of the bothers J. H. Pool and H. M. Pool as being the first to produce wooden levels with spirit vials.  This partnership lasted from about 1828 to 1841, when Hiram Minot Pool continued to produce the levels on his own.  This is one of this H. M. levels, probably about 1850.  For its age it is in wonderful condition, having few dings, sharp edges, and good vials.  The level measures 30 inches long, 3 inches high, and 1 inches thick.  It is made of nicely figures mahogany (not Cuban mahogany), and does not bear the early eagle stamp. It is as nicely a preserved 180 year old level as you are apt to find.  Fine



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