L14 -  Stanley No. 36 Metallic Bench Level.  12 Size

The favored Stanley Metallic Bench levels consisted mainly of the No. 36 (japanned) and No. 37 (nickeled, ground glass vials).  Both were available in a variety of sizes, and details that varied over their long histories.  This level is a No. 36 in the 12 inch length.  This length, plus the smaller 6 and 9 inch sizes had a simpler frame than the larger ones, lacking the internal webbing between the rails and plumb vials and end posts.  This gives the small ones, a fairly spare look.  Originally this number was produced without rotating (eclipse) vial covers.  These were added in 1935.  Nearly all of the levels eclipse vial covers have covers made of brass, or more often, of nickeled brass.  This example has the covers made of blued steel, which is a scarcer condition.  The time frame for these blued covers is not known to me.  This level has most of its original finishes, and needs just a light cleaning.  Easily Good+


Price -    $30.00

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