Item ESK5 - Eskimo Carved Caribou Cow. 

 This older Eskimo carving is likely from the northwestern Alaskan Arctic.  The small (2 long, 1 high) is carved from walrus ivory that has aged to a pleasant light tan.  It may have spent some time buried in permafrost.  The creature is carved in the likeness of a caribou cow, with nubs of new growth antlers in front of the erect ears.  The stubby tail and broad mouth are distinctive.  The ear holes and eyes have been emphasized with black pigment of some sort.  The Caribou-ness of the carving is enhanced with a pronounced dew lap under the neck.  The rather broad and stubby legs serve to support the figure so that it stands easily and solidly.  The left hind leg was broken at the shank a long time ago, and has been obviously been repaired.  This does not detract from the charm of this carving, which is of a form (cow caribou) not often seen in Eskimo art.  Probably made as either a toy, amulet, or trophy is dates from the 19th century or earlier.  It is a charming piece of art of a rare subject.



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