Item ESK5 - Bone Comb. Probable Eskimo for Combing Basket Gras

This comb is 5 inches long and has a greatest width of 1 ¼ inches. It has 7 tines (including the end tines) and is made of very dense bone, with little vascularization. There is a slight cupping to one side making it appear to be made from the dense cortical bone of tibia or femur—probably Caribou. The handle is decorated with a criss gross grid of filed grooves, with a central area of circumferential line which are broken by a central open slot—probably to be suspended from a ribbon or strap. The finial may be lathe-turned or carved and has a flattened knob at the top. The tines are finely graded in length producing a distinct arch at there tops A very similar grass comb was collected by Edward Nelson in the late 1880s in the Lower Yukon. His was 6 ½ inches long, made of wood with ivory tines, but shares a similar finial and the criss-cross decoration. This one is Fine.


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