Henry Disston & Sons No. 43 "Combination Hand Saw

At the May, 2003 Brimfield Antiques Fair, held in Brimfield, Mass. I had the extraordinary good fortune to stumble upon this very rare Henry Disston & Sons No. 43 Combination Saw.  One of the most sought-after saws by collectors, this features a straight back that is graduated in inches on both sides of the blade.  The top of the blade is set at right angles to the brass front of the handle, making it useful as a square.  There is even a scribe contained in the top of the handle to mark stock being sawed; and finally, both plumb and level vials in the handle.  This saw was made from about 1858 to 1918.  But despite its long history of manufacture, very few are known, and very few of these are in the wonderful condition of this saw.  This one has all the earmarks of a saw made about 1885.  Here are some pictures of it.

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