Item C8 - Boxed Set of 11 High Quality Japanese Carving Tools IOB

This set of carving tools all have similar wooden handles that are all about 6 ˝ inches long and save a common cross-section shape.  All have common labels (or their remains) that are purple, with gold edges and a common name in Japanese script.  They are also ink stamped “Japan” at the bottoms of the handle.  They are housed in a simple wooden box with fitted ld.  The lid carries a paper label that carries Japanese writing in several sizes of characters.  The eleven carving tools consist of V-tool, 5mm), three sizes of flat chisels (4mm, 8mm, 9mm) with hollow backs;  2 skew chisels (one right, one left) , 8 mm, with hollow backs;  4 out-canal gouges of four sizes (3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10 mm).  The owner enhanced the handle of the largest size with three encircling grooves. The handle of this one and three or four of the others have been darkened from use.  The blades have been inserted deeply into the handle wood and are secure.  The handles have no splits or cracks, and fit the hand well.  Fine.


      Price -$350.00

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