Item C3 – Douglass Mfg. Co. (Arlington, VT) 3 1/2” Slick.

A maker of excellent edge tools the Douglass Mfg. Co. was located in “Chisleltown” on the banks of the Battenkill River near Arlington, Vt. This older example of their fine work is a hefty slick with a 3 ½ edge length that measures 9 ½ inches to the shoulders and 15 ¼ inches to the top of the socket. The blade has thick tarnish and grime to clean, but little in the way of rust or pitting. The name is clearly visible and the edge is fine. As an outstanding feature this slick has been fitting with a massive decoratiave handle of walnut (turned from a glued up piece) that is 2 ¾ inches diameter. I've never seen another. It feels great in the hands. Fine.


Price - $150.00

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