Item C3 – Carpenter’s Slick marked , “L. P. Summers(?) Cast Steel /Warranted.

This slick, with ringed handle, appears to be marked, “L. P. Summers / Cast Steel/ Warranted” in a triangle.  The Summers name is a bit mangled, but I can make nothing other out of it.  But L. P. Summers, or anything like it, does not appear in any of my tool references.  Yet the slick is a nice one, with a 3 inch edge length, no rust or pitting, and a good 4 ˝ inches of hard steel below the lamination.  The length of the blade is 13 ˝ inches from edge to the top of the socket.  The straight hickory handle, with iron  ring adds another nearly 12 inches to the total length.  With a quick honing it will be a great user slick.  Good+



Price -  $110.00

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