Item C2 - Wm. S. Hawkins (NYC) Slick Blade. 


End of Lewis St, at Houston
in Lower Manhattan as it
appeared in 1922.  This was not far from Hankins' shop
in the 1850-70 time frame.




William S. Hawkins is known as a maker of shipbuilding edge tools in New York from about 1852 to 1871.  He was born in 1823 in NY of unknown parents and died on June 1, 1893 when he was 70 years old.  He lived and worked in New York’s lower east side, working on Lewis St (which no longer exists) just a block or two from the East River—a good place to make shipwrights’ tools.  With his wives (Matilda and then Mary), they had three sons the oldest of which, Joseph,  apprenticed with a piano maker.  In the 1850 census he was listed as an “Edge Tool Maker.”  His hand forged tools are described as being of high quality, with the larger slicks having rounded backs.  This slick blade has the rounded back, and is clearly hand forged.  The edge length is 3 inches.  The overall length, from edge to the top of the socket is 14 ¾ inches.  There is no rust, and little light pitting.  The edge is a bit ragged and needs honing. The blade has a worn mark of “Hawkins / ?35 Lewis St. NY.”  Other reports have the address as 135 Lewis Street, but this clearly 133 Lewis Street.  In the 1860 census, Hawkins still lists himself as an edge tool maker, and claims to own real estate worth $6000.00 and a personal worth of $600.00.  These values are much higher than any persons living on the same street, and mark him as a successful tool maker.

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