Item C1 - 7 Sash Mortise Chisels. Assembled group

This group of excellent quality mortise chisels represents the work of American, British, and German Steelmakers. The table below shows the makers, edge lengths, and blade lengths of the chisels. Many of the handles need work or replacement, but the steel is good, with little in the way of rust,  pitting, or chips.

Size-------------------------Maker -------------------Blade Length

1/8                             Reliance (USA)                          6

3/16                             I & H Sorby (Sheffield)             5

1/4                             Preeth                                         5

5/16                            Douglass Mfg (USA)                 6

3/8                             Underhill (Nashua. USA)             6

7/16                            Newbould (England)                     5

9/16"                             I C Halbach (German)                  6


 Price  -  $150.00

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