Item WC10 - Equitable Refining Co. (Cleveland) Sperm Sewing Machine Oil.

This unopened (and full) bottle--about 2 oz I’d say—has a complete label and the original wax seal on its cork top.  The label reads, “Stainless Sperm Sewing Machine Oil / Strictly Pure / Moves Gum and/ Prevents Corrosion. / Equitable Refining Co. / Cleveland, / Ohio.”  This firm was in business in Cleveland in the late 1890s, and may have been related to the earlier “Equitable Petroleum Co.  That latter firm produced Sperm Oil that it obtained from one of New Bedford’s most prominent whale oil producers, W. A. Robinson.  Surprisingly, Cleveland has a history of Sperm Whale Oil involvement when, in the early 1900s, chemists working there determined the chemical composition of Sperm Whale Oil, and demonstrated that it featured acid esters not found in other whale oils.  This bottle stands 4 ½ inches high and has a perfect, easily readable label.  The pale amber oil is clear, and without solids.  It is apparently of high quality and of the type that is sought after by machinists, watch makers, and gunsmiths; as well as by collectors.  Fine.


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