Item SCR4 - Whale Bone Wedge Fixed Marking Gage. 

A unique whale bone marking gage in my experience, this one features a wedge lock fixing mechanism whereby a small bone captive wedge in the fence can be tapped on one wide to loosen the arm.  After adjusting to the desired length the other side of the wedge is tapped to fix the arm in place.  This mechanism works perfectly.  With all parts (fence, arm & wedge) made of dense bone from the lower jaw of a Sperm whale, this gage was almost surely made by a whale ship crewman (probably the ship’s carpenter) in the 19th century.  The gage has an arm that is almost 10 inches long and is 9/16” square.  This is mortised through a fence that is 2 ˝ inches wide by 1 5/8 inches high, and 1 inch thick.  The fence is marked in two places with the initials of an owner, “E.F.K.”  The back top edge of the fence has an old chip that was probably in the piece of whale bone before it was used for the gage.  The pin at the end of the gage is a small steel nail with round head that appears to be fixed in place with pitch.  This is a very appealing piece of Sailor tool making.  Fine

Price -   $970.00

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