Item SCR4 - Unusual Decorated Fid. Square Form.

This Sperm whale skeletal bone fid has an unusual and interesting form. It tapers from a square head, about 1” square to a sharp point, But the cross section is square to within one inch of the tip. So it has the form of the traditional square taper tang of bit brace auger bits. Consequently the square form makes it far easier to hold in the hand than the usual round bodied fids. Moreover, within 1 ˝ inches of the top, two opposing sides are dished out to make a further easier to grip shape near the top. The fid is further elaborated by by six decorative inlays that are circular in form, about 7/16” in diameter, and are made of black baleen. Near the top there is another hole, of the same diameter, that is not filled with inlay, but can serve as a hang hole for for a lanyard. Finally, the four corners at the top are nicely chamfered, providing yet another decorative feature. This is a fine fid to look at, and it feels “right” in the hand. Fine.



Price -  $390.00

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