Item NART9 -  Digital Print of the Whaling Bark "Sunbeam" being unloaded - Aug 1, 1906.

This is an 8"x10" digital print of an original dry plate glass negative owned by me.  It shows three workers rolling a cask of whale oil from the whaling bark, "Sunbeam", which is to the right, out of view of the camera.  The date is Aug 1, 1906.  The whaler in the background is the bark "A.R. Tucker", drying her sails after returning from a recent voyage.  The bowsprit on the left is that of the famous whaler, "Charles W. Morgan" (now at the Mystic Seaport Museum), which was at the time this picture, being outfitted for a new voyage.  Note the casks sitting on the wharf at the left.  They are marked ("SB" and "Pl"--for the bark "Sunbeam" and the bark, "Platina", also berthed at this wharf.  This was at "Taber's Wharf," just off the foot of Union Street in New Bedford, Mass.  Two of the "Sunbeam's" casks are marked, "slush".  This was the pitch mixture carried by whaling ships (and others) to periodically treat the standing rigging of the vessel, to reduce rot and the deterioration of the rigging.  This photograph was taken by an unknown photographer at 11:45 AM under natural sunlight on a Cramer Crown dry glass negative at a f.8 setting with an exposure of 1/25 second, and developed in Edinol Hydro.  The photographer noted that it was "underexposed."

The print is on Kodak paper, and is suitable for printing.


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