Item NART4 -  "Seduction"- Pearl Oyster Shell Carving

The second Black-lipped Pearl Oyster Shell Carving is of the same size and exquisite condition of the first, but is of a different subject matter that I call, “Seduction.”  It portrays a man and a young girl at the verge between a forest and a pasture.  The man has double barreled gun slung over his shoulder and wears a hunting hat and is bearded.  He is obviously a hunter or an estate game keeper.  He is leaning over a rough woven fence framed with very leafy small trees.  His object is a young maiden on the other side of the fence.  He is wispering into the ear of the lady while she raises a finger to her lips, and clutches her skirts with the other hand.  The intent is clear, but the carved detail in the nacre of the shell is outstanding.  A copy of a European painting or print to be sure; but superbly executed in a very difficult caring medium, to be sure.  $300.00, or $550.00 for the pair.








Price -  $300  ($550 for the pair - NART3 & NART4)

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