Item NA29 - Navigational Parallel Rule.  18” 

Unlike many of these parallel rules that you see this larger, 18 one appears to  have been subjected to honest use, having nice wear to the edges.  The legs are each 18 inches long, beveled on one side, and are 1 ¼ inches wide.  They are held by fancy brass fixtures that are over 4 inches long, and have some light pitting.  There are a pair of raised brass pins on the upper surfaces to manipulate the rule and “walk” it across a nautical chart.  The edges show wear from use, but there is only one small crack at one end.  The wood appears to be a variety of ebony that has streaks of lighter wood, usually seen in Macassar ebony.  It is a handsome and useful rule.  Good+

Price -  $45.00

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