Item NA24 - Stuart’s “Distance Meter.” 

An unusual nautical instrument to be sure, this device features a telescopic lens that looks through a split prism and that is adjusted until the two halves of an image are separated according to the size of the image set on the horizontal brass scale.  At this point, the distance from the observer (in tenths of a nautical mile –cables) can be read from the calibration lines on the ivory-like plate.  The back of the instrument contains a table that can be filled in the known ships and their dimension so that distances to these ships can be calculated (as in keeping position in a convoy or battle formation).  This was patented in 1895 by “Stuart.”  The maker of this not marked on it, but it is “No. 158.”  It is in its original fitted box and in excellent condition save only a little black paint loss from the heavy brass and zinc (?) body.  Fine




Price -  $250.00

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