Item NA18 - Race Knife.  Diminutive Form & Rosewood Handle.

This small race knife is truly special tool for a collection or to add a pleasing accent to a room or a ship model collection.  Among their other functions, race knives were used by ship builders to cut a defining groove, either decorative or functional, in the finish work of building a ship.  One use was to cut a groove (race) at the water line of a newly launched ship, setting the position of the water line for painting and survey work.  This small race knife is only is only 5 inches long, and would be appropriate for use by a model builder.  The tool was provided with the fanciest of handles, having a turned and chamfered piece of rosewood (including a touch of sapwood) that really sets it off as special.  The main handle is octagonal in cross section with a button butt and a fore piece with a vase-like turning that tapers to a brass ferrule.  It is a beauty!  The is a small drying check in the fore piece, but it remains Fine.


Price -  $80.00

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