Item NA12 - Sailor's Sail Cloth Ditty Bag. Fancy Knot Work.

This old (probably 19th Century ditty bag was fashioned from heavy sailcloth, with grommets set near the top for draw string closure, with a fringed border just below the top. The fringe is formed from a cotton line that is sewed to the inside of the doubled over hem at the top. This is then unravelled to create dense fringe that is two inches long. theThe bag is 17 inches tall, from top to bottom, with a single lengthwise seam overlapped and sewed. The bottom is formed from a piece of softwood (that has a check running across it, with a double chamfered wood strip supporting it halfway. This wooden bottom is circular and is 7 inches diameter. It (the bottom) is bound to the sailcloth by being clenched with a leather belt that is decorated with a tooth-like upper edge. The leather is fastened through the sail cloth to the rim of the wooden bottom with round-headed wrought iton nails at about 1 inch interval. The drawstring closure at the top is by a continuous cotton cord that is gathered through the grommets. This is attached to a single fancy knot work rope that leads to another knot-work rope, 7 inches long, with a Turk's Head knot at the bottom The top of this line terminates with another Turk's Head that is in turn attached to a fancy cigar shaped handle that is 5 inches long. This is knotted around a central wooden core. There has been loss of the knotting on the handle on one side where some abrasion occurred I the past. The sail cloth shows normal wear and dirt. Except for the abrasion on the handle the seam work and knot work is excellent. It is a great piece of a sailor' shipboard. Work.


Price -   $400.00

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