Item NA10 - Dead Eye. Iron Bound.

Dead Eyes are blocks that characteristically have three contoured holes though which a lanyard can be rove to adjust the tension on shrouds or lateral stays on a sailing ship. These are arranged in vertical pairs, with the lanyard rove back and forth between upper and lower dead eyes. This example is a lower dead eye. It is bound in an forged iron eye that serves as a shackle to be bolted to a “chain plate” that connects the shroud firmly to the outer side of the vessel's hull. This example is particularly attractive because of its small size (3 1/4” diameter, including the iron work), and because it is made of rosewood or a similar tropical wood. Its sides are flat so that it could be used as a desktop paper weight. As such it makes a particularly interesting conversation piece. There is some corrosion to the iron and some staining of the rose wood that will clean. Good+

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