Hiram E. Fuller has but one brace patent recorded, and it rates a "NS" (Not Seen) from Ron Pearson.  This patent is #320868, awarded on June 23, 1885.  It is for a chuck that is fairly unusual.  It has an internal coiled spring that provides the force to close the jaws as the chuck shell is pushed forward.  The brace that I own is a sturdy 10" sweep one with decorated cocobolo cup handle and rosewood wrist handle bounded by pewter retainer rings.  The chuck is marked, "Fuller Mfg Co / Pat. June 23, 1885."  The chuck shell pulls back to open and expose the interlocking jaws.  When it is pushed forward, it grasps the bit--although not with the force that the ordinary screw chuck shell exerts.  The range of movement is about 3/4".  This mechanism must not have been very useful, hence the rarity of the brace!.



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