Item WP2 - John M. Taber (New Bedford) (C Mark) Screw Lock Plow Plane

John Marshall Taber was the dean of 19th Century plane makers in New Bedford. He worked from about 1820 almost to his death (of “paralysis) in 1973. This was through the glory years of New Bedford, when its whaling industry made it the wealthiest city (per capita) in the United States and local plane makers were busy. This is a workmanlike plow plane, made of beech wood with plain arms. It is unhandled, with a body length of 8/2 inches. There is a small partial crack in the front of the fence, and another slight one running 1/2” vertically in the base of rear slide arm. The tombstone depth stop is brass, and its foot is extra long. The slide arm fixing screws and that for the depth stop are complete and work nicely. The original wedge is nibbled around the edges. This plane has a good early look to it, and probably dates to a bit before 1850. It is a nice example. It comes with 2 original blades, and 3/8”. It is marked on the toe with the owner's marks of W. R. Eldrid, an “A.A.T"  Easily Good



     Price -  $80.00

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