Item WP2 - J. Kellogg (Amherst, Mass) Handled Smooth Plane

Not a very common style wooden plane, the most frequently seen examples were made by the Ohio Plane Co. and are sometimes used as scrub planes.  This requires opening the mouth, and grinding the blade to an arc—for which older, used up planes are good.  This one, however, has been very little used, and will make a great, easy to use smooth plane.  The razee body has a length of 9 inches, with a width at the shoulders of 2 inches that accommodates a double Moulson Brothers blade with an edge length of a touch over 2 inches.  The mouth is tight, and closed tote is near perfect.  There is a small crack in the side at the right side of the blade that is stable.  It is a nice plane in a form that is uncommon for the prolific maker.  Easily Good+



     Price -  $45.00

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