Item SUR7 - Uncommon Surveyor's Metric Chain - “Decimetre”

In the days when surveyors used chains to measure distances, the standards were Gunter's chains of 33 and 66 feet. The lengths and chain link lengths served to allow easier calculation of distances in yards miles, and areas in acres. Later “engineer's” chains of 100 feet became popular. This chain is one that I've not encountered before, but apparently was developed for use by European surveyors. Its length is 10 meters, rather than 11 yards (33 feet). Its length is demarcated at 1 meter intervals by a brass ring (not brass tags) joining the links (5 per meter). I expect that the Gunter calculations carried out with this chain would result in metric lengths and areas of square kilometers. The chain is in excellent condition. In addition the brass ring markers, both handles carry a brass plate marked “Decametre” and carry the initials, “F F” which I suppose is the maker. There is a spike anchor at the 5 meter point.  It certainly is a surveyor's item for a collection. Fine.


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