Item SCR14 - Complex Whale Bone Leather Creaser and Burnisher

This excellent example of a leather working tool is a great “multi-tool”. The item is about 6 inches long with an average thickness of about 1” on a side. The simplest working end is a gently curved burnisher for smoothing and polishing the leather of reins, harness straps, and such. It has a face that is about 2 inches long and 7/8” wide. It has been highly polished from use. The other end is more complex, being composed of 2 ranks of creasing faces (one on each side of a mid-line projecting partition. Used on thick lengths of dampened leather (like the edges of shoe soles or thick straps in harness) the curved face of the proper creaser level is run back and forth over the leather edge to smooth it into a proper curved face. One side of the two tiers contains creasers for edges 1/16 and 3/16” thick, while the opposite side will treat edges 1/8 and 5/16” thick. This tool, made of Sperm whale skeletal bone was almost surely made for the use of a leather worker among the crew of a whaling vessel in the 19th Century. Fine.


    Price - $175.

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