Item S8 - Henry Disston & Sons No. D100 Rip Saw. 









The D100 saw was produced by Disston from 1903 to 1923.  Essentially it was identical to the popular D-Saws, except that was fancier—having a wheat carved apple handle.  Like the D-8, the rip saw version had a cover top handle with a thumb hole arrangement for two handed use.  The handle has a small flake from the underside of the upper horn, which is hardly noticeable.  In my experience the D-100 is much less common than regular D-8.  This example is a nice one, having a 26 inch skewed blade that is straight.  It is filed 6 ppi rip and is sharp.  While the blade is lightly tarnished, there is almost no pitting.  It has a completely readable Disston etch and an additional vanity etch for the Boston Hardware concern, J. B. Hunter Co, 60 Summer St.  The Hunter Company was in business from 1903 until the 1930s.  This saw has an 1897 – 1917 medallion, which fits well with the Hunter Co. Dates.  This is a nice saw.  Easily Good+





Price -  $80.00


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