Item S8 Henry Disston & Sons. Large Mitre Box Saw

This very large mitre box saw has an edge length of 29 inches and a blade depth below the spine of about 6 inches. The blade is shiny clean and is marked with the etching for a Goodell-Pratt mitre box. The apple handle has 4 slotted brass saw screws including a H. Disston & Sons “Philad'a” medallion that dates it to the very early 1900s. The spine is also marked by Henry Disston & Sons The apple handle is near perfect, with only a few small paint spots to clean. This saw was supplied with the G-P No. 1306 mitre box, the largest size that they sold. It also fits the nearly identical Millers Falls “Langdon” Mitre box, N 16, size three—also the largest size MF sold. (G-P mitre boxes of this size were surely made by Milllers Falls). This is a great replacement saw for the largest mitre boxes. It is a tough saw to find. Fine.






Price - $50.00


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