Item S8 Valley Saw Co. (San Jose) “Charlie Blacklock” Musical Saw



An interesting tool oddity is the class of “Musical Saws” That at one time or another were produced by most of the major saw companies. These are played by stroking a violin bow across the straight back of the saw, while flexing the blade to change the pitch. Contemporary musical saws were made for years by Charlie Blacklock, and electrician in the Berkeley, San Francisco region of California. He had the saws made by the Valley Saw Co. of San Jose. This is one of his saws (it has the remains of his personal name tag on it). 26 inches long, it is next to the smallest model that he produced. The saw is filed about 10ppi rip, if you want to use it. It has a laminated handle in the style of the 1950s Henry Disston saws. Charlie had these made from the 1960s into this century. To hear him play one of his saws, look at this link This example has some mottling to the blade, but no rust or pitting. The etch is somewhat blurred, but readable. Good+




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