Item S18 - Davis Patent Saw Set.  Made by Harrington & Richardson 

This uncommon saw set patented by Elwood R. Davis in 1955 (No. 2,779,215) was assigned to the Harrington & Richardson Co. of Worchester, Mass.  This was produced by H&R as the central feature of their “Do It Yourself Saw Sharpening Kit.”  This kit came with the patent saw set, and included attachments for sharpening and setting all manner of saws (cut off, cross cut, combination, and flat (hand) saws).  The saw set, with several of the kit’s attachments are housed in the original cardboard box, with complete instructions.  This one, however, is missing some parts especially designed to hold circular saws while sharpening and setting them.  The needed attachments for setting flat saws remain, however, the the saw set is exactly as described in the patent papers (included).  The kit also contains complete instructions for its use.  The saw set is in excellent condition, and would make a great addition to any collection of saw sets.  Fine. 


Price -  $75.00

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