Item S16 - Frame Saw.  1894 Patent. 

This solid frame saw, useful for bucking logs or other rough chores carries a Patent date of Sept. 4, 1894.  This was patent number 525,365 awarded to Nathaniel H. Shaw of Somerville, MA for a frame saw distinguished by an iron frame supported at the upper ends with cast iron braces.  The upper left brace is marked, “Jacobs” and “Pat’d Sept 4, 1894.”  The saw has three hardwood handles. One each at the upper and lower ends of the left side frame projects, and a ”wrist” handle between.  I can find only one other record of this saw (lacking its handles) that was listed several times on eBay.  The description of that saw speculated that “Jacobs” might have been the L. W. Jacobs Co.—a company about which I can find no information.  I do know that Nathaniel H. Shaw was born about 1830 near Belnap, New Hampshire, and that he married Susan Bullard in 1859.  He is listed in the Civil War Draft rolls in New Hampshire for 1863.  Through the 1890s he was living in Somerville, MA, working as a machinist (this was the time when he developed the design for the saw patent).  By 1905 he was living in the Dorchester section of Boston, and by 1910 was living in the Suffolk section (he was 80 years old by then) and was listed as a “manufacturer” employing other workers.  He died in 1921 when he was about 91 years old.  This saw is in very nice condition with only slight superficial rust on the black painted iron frame and the corner supports painted brown (the paint looks original).  The blade is 32 inches long and is almost 2 inches deep.  It is filed 5 ppi cross cut and will saw very aggressively.  The three stained hardwood handles have steel ferrules and are solid. The upper one has been abraded at its top.  It is a rare patent saw for a collection, or  use.  Easily Good+

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