Item S14 - Atkins No. 1 Silver Steel Mitre Box Saw


This very nice mitre box saw was made by the E. C. Atkins Co. and marked with an etching marking it for the Marsh Mitre Machine & Picture Frame Co. of Rockford, IL.  The saw has a 24” edge length with an even 4 ˝” of blade under the steel spine.  The etch is nearly completet and the saw plane is quite shiny.  The spine is marked by the E. C. Atkins Co, as is the nickeled sunken medallion.  That medallion is marked with Glover’s 1887 patent date.  While the Marsh Mitre Vise was manufactured by Stanley after 1928, I can find no mention of the later production of the Marsh mitre machine.  It apparently is a scarce item.  While this saw would be welcome to any owner of a vintage Marsh machine, it will also fit any number of Millers Falls, Langdon, or Stanley mitre boxes.  This one is in top condition, with a shapely apple handle sans crack or chips.  Fine.

      Price - $50.00

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