Item RR2 -  Lufkin No. 386 Four-fold, 12” Caliper Rule. 

This four-fold caliper rule is like the Stanley No. 32 rule, being unbound, with arch joint, edge plates and a caliper.  It is in nearly new condition, with no apologies.  Aside from being much less common than the Stanley number, this rule is marked with advertising on one edge, which reads, “Shepard & Morse Lumber Co.”  This company was one of the largest lumber concerns in Burlington, VT in 1878 and employing as many as 300 workers by 1889, with offices in Boston, New York City, London, and Ottawa, Canada.  Its corporate entity persisted in New York until 1983, but other branches were established in Florida and the Pacific Northwest which may remain.  Lufkin advertising rules are not common, and this is a nice one.  Fine.

            Price -   $90.00

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