Item RB6 - Boxwood and Brass Graduated Bevel. 

One of the more interesting bevel squares that Ive seen in some time, this one seems to be of European origin and has server unusual features.  The handle is boxwood with brass trim, and is graduated on the handle from 0 to 7 inches.  The inches are ordinary English measure, so I think that the bevel is British made.  The brass blade is fixed in the English manner with a slotted screw.  But the blade is also graduated from 7 out to 12 inches.  Interestingly the handle and blade gradations share the same style of embellishing lines and graduation lines ( 1/8ths).  The numbers, however, appear to be stamped on the blade with 3/16 high characters, while those on the handle appear to be hand carved with about 5/16 height.  The boxwood handle has staining, but the graduations are easily readable.  Unique and easily Good.


Price -   $75.00

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