Item RB2 - W. J. MacKenzie Ship Bevel. 

Apparently a rare mark, this bevel is marked on one of its two brass blades, “W. J. Mackensie / Maker”.  The Rule Book, by Jane and Mark Rees does not include this maker’s name.  But Schaffer & McConnell’s “Hand-Saw Makers of Britain” does list a brass back tenon saw by “W. J. Mackensie”.  No dates are given but the saw was reported to have been made in Greenock—near Glascow in Scotland.  That location fits the appearance of this bevel, which includes brass plates amidships to help pin the rosewood sticks in the middle.  This feature is also seen in some Preston and Mathieson bevels.  This bevel has a 19th century appearance.  The rosewood was split on one side, and fairly crudely repaired.  The brass blades, about 7 and 4 inches respectively are clean and fine.  The length of the rosewood and brass trimmed body is the standard 12 inches.  This bevel is a scarce item with this name.  Easily Good


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