Item R17 - Older Traditional Veneer Worker’s Slitting Gage.

This traditional slitting gage, used for making and cutting veneer panels, is not marked, but is clearly English-made, probably in Sheffield, England.  The gage features a mahogany stem that is 9 ¾” long, with a brass 1 ½” cap at the working end.  The point is sharp slitter that that has a brass wedge top.  The fence is tombstone shaped 2 ½” high and 2 ¼” wide, and has a recessed slotted fixing screw in the underside, in the English style.  The screw is pretty bunged up, but works and probably should be replaced.  The fence and stem are in good solid shape, with the expected wear to the face of the fence.  It is a great looking old tool.  Easily Good

Price -   $30.00



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