R1 - Winslow’s Adjustable Face Gage.  1900 Patent. 

This showy marking gage was patented on Oct. 23, 1900 by Charles F. Winslow of Pawtucket, RI (about 20 miles from where I sit).  It was manufactured by the Mossberg Wrench Co in Central Falls, RI.  A fairly small gage, this one has a rosewood stem that is 7 inches long, capped by a nickeled steel at one end.  The important feature of the gage is a pair wing-like arms that can be adjusted so that the gage can follow convex or concave edges, marking lines parallel to that curved face at distances up to several inches.  These metal parts of this gage are of bright and shiny nickeled steel and contrast nicely with the dark rosewood stem.  It is a handsome gage.  There should be an adjustable point that is held in a slot in the stem.  But that, like most of those gages that you see, is missing in this one.  Counting the missing pin, Good+




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