Item P5 -  Buckeye (Cleveland, Ohio) Jack Plane.

Not a plane that we see often in the East. The Buckeye tools around here are mostly of the jointer fence sort. Buckeye did make proprietary patented bench planes, around 1912, but from 1904 into the 1920s they marketed a line of bench planes that were made by the Ohio Tool Co.  Apparently (vis Roger Smith) they did make their own Stanley-like planes, before contracting out to Ohio Tools)This is one of the pre-Ohio Tools planes.  It has a distinctive lateral lever, frog and frog seat, and smaller diameter handle and frog screws,  etc. Its only mark is on the blade, “Buckeye” with “Cleveland, O.” under that This has much of its original finishes, with good handles, but needs a cleaning. Not common.  Good+

Price -  $30.00


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