Item P39 - Stanley No. 113 Circular Plane.  Type 2 (1880-91)

This early type of the popular Stanley No. 113 circular plane has most of the type 1 features (eg ornate front and blade fixing knobs, solid cutter wheel adjuster, shield shaped plates attaching adjuster arms to blade, 2 patent date blade logo 1879 patent on the sole dovetail.  It lacks only the two piece cutter attachment and the special two-aperture frog of the type 1 plane.  This plane is in much better condition than you usually find them, with long blade, 80 percent original japanning, long clean blade, and a good sole.  I’ve not cleaned it at all (except to expose the blade’s logo), so there will be a little work to remove dirt and storage rust.  It is a nice early plane, in better than usual condition.  Good+



Price -   $125.00

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