Item P27 - Joseph Popping (New York) Rosewood Infill Shoulder Plane

Joseph Popping, born in Germany, came to New York and was one of the few to manufacture English style infill shoulder and mitre planes in this country.  He, Erlandsen and a couple of others manufacturers produced these planes for the instrument makers (principally pianos) in New York City in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Popping made such planes from at least 1885-1897.  Today they are scarce, and are well valued.  This example is a rosewood infill iron shoulder plane having a width of 3/4 inches and a total length of just 5 inches.  It is small, short plane well suited for instrument making.  The steel case is deeply tarnished but has no rust or pitting.  It is marred only by some small casting voids visible at the heel.  The plane has the typical “square” escapement that typify Popping planes.  The infill is rosewood or cocobolo (I think the latter) and the wedge is of the same material.  The infill and wedge have only a few surface dings on the top.  The inch wide blade is short, but is marked “J Popping” (in an arc) and “N.Y”.  It is a sweet little plane.  Good+



Price -  $190.00

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