Item P24 - Preston (Eng) No. 1355 Bull Nose Rabbet Plane.

A very popular plane for doing fine finish work, particularly in cabinet corners and other close spaces, this plane has a sole length of just 3 7/8 inches and a width of 1 1/8 inches. With the overhangin handle the total plane length is less than 5 inches. The screw blade advance mechanism is precise, and with the low angle bedding this plane will do very fine work indeed. The blade has about 1/2” of usable length. The blade is proper, having the Preston mark and “patent.” While much of the original nickle plating is missing there is only some tarnish, and no rust or pitting on the body. This a great plane for precision work and will make a dandy user. Good+



     Price -   $120.00

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