Item P24 -  Record (England) No. 778 Bull Nose Filetster & Rabbet Plane.

Likely inspired by the Stanley No. 78 Bull Nose Rabbet plane, this was created in the 1950 by record and is certainly a beefed up plane. It weighs a full pound more than the Stanley original. The fence (that can be mounted on either side) has two stout rods that support a hefty cast iron fence that runs the complete length of the body (nearly 8 1/2”). The blade, like that of the Stanley No.s 78, can be mounted in either the normal or bull nose condition. Unlike the Stanley, however, the blade adjuster in the normal position is not a lever, but the captive screw adjuster, like that of other Record planes, and familiar on the Stanley No. 151 series of spoke shaves. This example has nearly all of its original blue and nickel finishes. It has a good rotating set of spurs, but is lacking the depth stop (like most of the No. 78s that you see). It thus is Good+

       Price - $65.00

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