Item P22 - Stanley No. 278 Rabbet & Filletster Plane.  Type 1. 

This small, solid rabbet and filletster plane features a fence attached to a single rod that can be shifted from one side to the other.  It has a lever adjustable 1” blade (this one is marked with the original 10/17/16 patent date, and a nickeled blade fixing screw with no mark.  The nose piece on this plane can be removed for bullnose work, and the sides are ground flat so that it can used on either side.  There are separate spurs on each side.  The original depth stop is missing, which is not unusual.  The plane length is only 6 inches long.  The small size makes it useful for rabbeting on small stock projects.  About 90 percent of the japanning remains, and the plane needs a light cleaning.  Counting the missing depth stop.  Good+





Price -  $100.00.

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