Item P10 - Stanley No. 605 Bedrock Junior Jack Plane. 

One of the tougher bedrock planes to find, this example is of the earliest bedrock type (7) that included this model.  The plane was introduced only in 1926/26 (its production run ended in 1943), which helps explain its scarcity.  This example is faithful to the type, having only a SW blade that dates to 1922, and was surely left over stock in the factory.  This has been used enough to wear most of the original handle decal, give the horn of the tote a little roughness on its right edge.  Nearly all of the original japanning is present, and there is no rust, pitting, cracks etc in the metal.  The unfinished metal surfaces are only lightly tarnished.  Just a light cleaning will put this nice plane to work or into a collection.  Fine.

Price -  $300.00

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