Item NA6 - Cahill Caulking Irons.  Set of 13

Extended sets of clean, single maker caulking irons come along infrequently.  This group of 13 are marked by Cahill (in a diamond), and have been little used, and certainly not abused.  The group consists of one 2” decking iron: one 2 ˝” double crease straight iron: one 2 ˝” triple crease straight iron: four 2”front-bent garboard irons—single crease, 7” long, 2 single crease, 8”, and 1 double cease, 8” long: four 5/8” spike irons: two straight (7 and 9”): and two front bent of different curves, both 8” long: one reefing hook , 13 ˝”: and one reefing iron 10” long.  Cahill Forge and Foundry operated in Chattanooga, TN and is known to have made caulking irons during WWII.  For more information about caulking see my article here. Fine


Price -  $270.00

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