Item NA30 - Pocket Compass.  Henry Macrae

A thin ( 5/8”) 2 ½ Inch diameter brass cased pocket compass marked, “Macrae / 29 Royal Exchange / 34 Aldgate Street” (London).  Macrae worked at both addresses simultaneously  between 1832 and through 1860, where he produced a variety of optical and navigational instruments (telescopes, barometers, sextants, microscopes, compasses, and magnifying glasses.  This example is clearly marked in engraved script on the cover of  the compass.  The cover has a raised knurled rim and is friction fit to the body of  compass.  The latter has a darkened paper compass rose with decorated fleur de Lis North point (with some paper damage) and a keeper that is raised when the top is pressed on.  It works smoothly and suffers just a few dings in the edges of the bottom and the top knurling.  Easily Good. 






Price -  $100.00

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