Item NA2 -  Lignum Vitae Fid.  Unusual and Innovative Design

Here is a great fid, the likes of which I’ve not seen before (nor has anyone to whom I’ve showed it.  The fit is made from dark lignum vitae heart wood, and is about 12 inches long, with a base diameter of 2 inches.  It has some wear marks, but is in very nice condition.  Its unique and distinctive feature is  hole bored in the base that exits on one side just about half way (6 inches) down the fid.  The exit hole is channeled “downstream” for about ˝ inch.  The exit is not a direct continuation of the hole bored in the end, but a short horizontal shaft connects the interior tunnel with the exit.  I can only surmise that this design was to allow and additional rope yarn to be worked into a splice or decorative knot.  There is a small notch in the very tip of the fid.  A natural split or not, it could have been used to grip the additional yarn, and work it into the weave.  It is a great fid for any collection.  Fine.


Price - $125.00


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