Item NA11 - Lignum Vitae Razee Style Ship Builder's Jack Plane.

This interesting plane has all of the hallmarks of a plane likely made by a New England ship carpenter for his personal use. That is, it is narrow, made of tropical hardwood (in this case lignum vitae), of the razee style, and not signed with a factory name. In addition this plane is stamped with the owner's name--”L.A. Gamage” and has been modified to have a slightly rounded sole—side to side. “Gamage” was a common surname in the old New England fishing community. The plane is in very decent condition, but has been used so that the sole is worn enough to produce a very open mouth. The long and clean blade is marked by Moulson Brothers, and has a very nicely shaped cap iron. The blade is 1 3/4” wide and the plane body is 2 1/4” wide and sixteen inches long. Were this my plane I'd grind some camber in the blade and take advantage of the open mouth to use it as a scrub plane. It would make dandy plae of that type. It is an interesting plane and with a good mahogany wedge and closed tote.  There is a flake from the left side of the tote horn.   it is Good+

Price -   $75.00

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