Item MA12 - American Steam Gauge Co. (Boston) Amsler Polar Planimeter.  IOB

This style of polar planimeter was developed by Jacob Amsler in Switzerland about 1854.  By 1859 these small, very useful tools were being used to integrate the area enclosed by complex closed lines and were being produced by The American Steam Gauge Co. of Boston.  This firm was founded in 1851, and produced Amsler planimeters throughout the remainder of the 19th century, at least.  This handy tool is in its original plush lined case, and appears to be functional and in fine condition.  A nearly identical one is in Harvardís Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, and is marked with the serial number, 3055.  It can be seen here.  This example offered here is an earlier one, with the serial number 876.  It is an historical instrument, in working shape and in great condition.  Fine.






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