Item M8 - Flat Spring Lubricator. 

A tool that is new to me, and to everyone else to whom I’ve shown it, this ingenious “oiler” was originally produced by the Charles S. Manzel Co. of Buffalo, New York.  It is based on patent No. 1,201,324 issued on Oct. 17, 1916 to Charles Manzel.  This example is marked with the company name and “Pat. Apld For”.  Since the date of the patent application was Nov. 11, 1915, this was likely made earlier in 1916.  Since the Ford Model T was produced from 1908 to 1927, it is likely that Manzel invented this spring lubricator with this Ford model in mind.  The device has a small hatchet like blade with a V-notch midway along the edge, and a small hammer-like head at the back of the blade.  This is connected to an offset hollow handle into which the shaft of the head screws.  There is a small hole in the recess of the blade cleft that connects to the hollow handle.  In use the head is unscrewed from the handle and the handle is filled with automotive grease.  The head is then screwed back into the handle.  Using a small hammer to tap the blunt end of the head, the blade is forced between to elliptical flat prings.  The hand is then turned clockwise the its stored grease is forced from the hole in the blade to lubricate the surfaces of the spread springs.  It appears to be quite effective to eliminate squeaking springs and to produce a softer ride.  Fine



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