Item M3 - Field Anvil (Denglestock).

Used by American farmers for carrying into a field for occasionally dressing scythes while at work, the original European form was quite different, being large and heavy—not easy to carry on a belt. This is that early form, used by French and Prussian military black smiths to make quick repairs to wagon wheels and other heavy equipment on the battle field. This example has an overall length of 14 ˝ inches. 5 ˝ inches above the point, there are two iron ribbons forged into scrolls that serve as a stop when the anvil is pounded into the soil, and give it good lateral stability. At its top is a shelf that froms a face for flattening metal, and above that a cutting bar. It weighs 3 ˝ pounds and was nicely forged with chamfered edges many years ago. One of the iron scrolls is partially broken. This sort of tool was used in the 18th century, and this one could be that old, dating perhaps to Napoleonic and Prussian conflicts Easily good.


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