Item M18 - The HandE Wrench Co. (New Bedford) Unmarked Nut Wrench

The HandE Wrench Co. produced patented slide adjust nut and pipe wrenches in New Bedford, Mass for a number of years in the 1920s.  The pipe wrench version is shown in item M14.  This, the nut version is unusual in that it is unmarked.  Clearly the HandE nut wrench, it is the first one that Iíve seen that is unmarked.  Probably unfinished, it may have escaped the New Bedford factory (purportedly in a garage) in a workerís lunch pail.  Except for one area of pitting on one side, it is n nice condition.  It is a nice working wrench, but also is a nice addition to a collection.  Good+.


Price -  $50.00

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