Item M17 - D. Maydole Claw Hammer. 

David Maydole of Norwich, NY is generally credited with the invention of the adze eye hammer—an aid to keep the handle from working loose.  The vast majority of Maydole hammers that you see are in the adze eye form.  This one, however, is of the plain eye type and appears to be a much less common form.  It is a hefty 24 oz plain face hammer with the familiar, “D. MAYDOLE / CAST STEEL” mark.  The top of the claw is indented with a nail head mark, probably to better seat the nail in the claw.  The handle is long, extending 16 ˝ inches below the head.  Apparently original, it has been split at the bottom and is wrapped with electrician’s tape as a repair.  The head has no rust or pitting and suffers only some light scratches.  Good+ 



Price -  $40.00

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