Item M17 - Steel Honing or Lapping Plate. 

Principally used by machinists to hone machine tool cutters, this smaller honing plate would work just as well for finely honing chisels, carving tools, plane blades etc.  It is a thick steel plate, 4 x 5 x 1, and weighs about 5 pounds.  One side is ground flat and can be used with different grits of abrasive paper to put the finest edge on a blade.  The other is criss-crossed with oblique slits to carry off the abraded material.  It can be charged with diamond pastes or other fine abrasives.  The plate sits in a fitted oak bottom with telescoping top, and is very stable on the bench.  A check with a sraight edge shows the grooved side is a little dished (a couple of thousandths), and will need a little flattening..  Good


Price -  $35.00

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