Item ESK4  - Eskimo Hand Adz.  Stone Blade, Antler Handle. Circa 1800 AD

This excellent Eskimo tool almost certainly originated with a Bering Sea group.  The tool is 6 ½ inches long (head and handle.  The stone head appears to contain slate and igneous components, probably volcanic in origin.  It is 5 ½” inches long and about 2 ¼” wide.  It is bound to the handle by hide (probably seal skin) through a triangular hole that was carved though the upper end of the handle.  The handle is made of antler (probably caribou) and is incised on one side by a slightly curving line that runs between the top and bottom holes.  The latter is for a lanyard.  It has been drilled from one side and carved from the other.  The handle is darkly stained from a period of time spent buried in permafrost.  This adze is in great shape, especially for one that may be several hundred years old.  The rawhide lashings likely have been replaced, but look “right.”  It is fine primitive tool.  Easily Good+



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