SCR12 - Inuit Carved Beluga Whale.

This very decorative carving of aa Beluga (White) Whale is just 5 1/4 long and clearly and accurately depicts the salient feature of this species of whale. Except for a small relic population of a few hundred animals in St. Lawrence Bay, most Belugas are found from Hudson's Bay north by Baffin Island and across the Arctic Ocean to the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas off the coast of Siberia. Hunted for their food, sinew and intestines (Inuits and Eskimos use them for rain gear) the Belugas are true Arctic animals. This small carving is made from a Walrus tusk and shows the salient features of the species blunt forehead, paddle-like fore fins, no dorsal fin, and graceful flukes. The carving is set removeably on a stand also made from part of a walrus tusk. It is wonderful depiction. Fine



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