Item D18 - Double Iron Scraper Shave.  Spickler. 1873 Patent 

This unusual looking double-bladed scraper shave reminds you at first sight of the Stanley No. 62 reversiblee spoke shave (Item D2), but this one (a) has near vertical blades that operate as scrapers, (b) has one straight edge blade, and the second has a concave edge; (c) this dates to an older patentó1873 vs the Stanley modelís 1876, and (d) this one is very seldom seen.  Henry D. Stickler, of Canton, Ohio was awarded the patent for this tool on April 1, 1873.  The late Tom Lamond wrote about this scraper shave in his wonderful spoke shave book, and noted that it was produced in an early form in which the blades are fixed by wooden wedges; and then is a later form in which the blades are held by slotted screws at each lower quarter.  These scraper shaves appear seldom and few bear identifying marks, and it is known that the patent date appears on some.  This shave is of the later form with the blade held by slotted screws.  The screws donít penetrate the blade, but serve to hold it in place as well as to offer a means to flex the blade, thus increasing its tension and allowing for small adjustments in the scraping action.  This later form has a very delicate body and wonderful loop handles that appear to be quite fragile.  This one is in near perfect condition, lacking some of its original black finish.  The blades are full length and have no rust or pitting.  It is a rare, very collectible tool.  Fine.


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